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Unable To Open Document Due To Word Plugin Error 65535

ACTION: There is no action required. PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_STORAGE_E_SYMBOL_NOT_FOUND] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: SS Could not find API %s in %s CAUSE: ACTION: PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_STORAGE_E_CA_STORE_PLUGIN_UNABLE_TO_GET_RETENTION_PERIOD] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: SSIS Unable to obtain retention period for content address Under the leadership of VMware co... When the user creates a blobstore storage area, an RDBMS table is created to hold the content data. http://fullflash.net/unable-to/unable-to-open-connection-to-com1-unable-to-open-serial-port.html

The corrupted system files entries can be a real threat to the well being of your computer. If you find a likely-looking issue, click the link to find more information and possible workarounds. Attribute names are case sensitive. Fixed with a bounty on bountysource @gerito1 * Bridge: fixed bug with multiple and failing YunClient.connect calls @sngl * Translations updated * Improved SoftSerial library and optimized its memory usage @matthijskooijman http://www.myrtec.com.au/news/leap-legal-issue-with-recent-windows-update

Another third-party plugin, Arsenale Lockpoint, also provides check in/out capability and Lockpoint is fully compatible with the Office Connector. Patch by William Westfield and Paul Stoffregen. Also, shift-clicking the upload icon now uploads using a programmer (selected in the Tools menu). but when I click insert citation all what happen is it open the de... 2 Agent Answers 9 Community Answers Aug 15, 2016 09:01PM BST Default information When I add old

  1. Value for a_retention_attr_name cannot appear in the list of values for a_content_attr_name.
  2. Instructions To Fix (Sqlstate 99999 Error Code 17041) error you need to follow the steps below: Step 1: Download (Sqlstate 99999 Error Code 17041) Repair Tool Step 2:
  3. Thanks to many, and @Chris--A in particular * Faster libraries list update * Serial monitor stays opened during upload, disabled.
  4. If its not valid, destroy the specified dm_location object, stop the server and restart.
  5. All list bullets will be converted to Confluence's bullet character.
  6. ARDUINO 1.6.8 - 2016.03.09 [ide] * Added support for GUI interface scaling for UHD monitors.
  7. ARDUINO 0021 - 2010.10.02 * Modifying VID / PID combination in 8U2 firmwares. * Fixing analogWrite() bug on pins 9 and 10 (Arduino Uno). * Patched RXTX to include /dev/ttyACM* on
  8. ACTION: Due to security reason, some attribute like media_type is not allowed to be changed after the storage object is created.
  9. CAUSE: Could not execute the SYNC_REPLICA_RECORDS operation.
  10. Thanks @mischnic * Added String::toDouble().

PARAMS: S Name of the temporary file. os_error: %s. In particular, "Client" is now "EthernetClient", "Server" is "EthernetServer", and "UDP" is "EthernetUDP". ARGUMENTS: %s - the name of the storage area PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_STORAGE_E_DUPLICATE_PLATFORM_INDICATOR] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: I Cannot specify duplicate platform indicator values for a_platform attribute: %d CAUSE: ACTION: PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_STORAGE_E_CANT_LINK]

Thanks @NicoHood * AVR: a bunch of USB Core bug fix. PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_STORAGE_E_NO_CLOSE_REPLICA] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: IS Could not find close replica fetching ticket %d from storage object %s. \n Fetch or copy failed. CAUSE: ACTION: PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_STORAGE_E_BLOB_TABLE_CREATE] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: SS Could not create the table for blob store %s. %s CAUSE: ACTION: PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_STORAGE_E_CASTORE_NOT_SUPPORTED] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: S Content Addressable Storage PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_STORAGE_E_INVALID_COMPONENT] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: SS Store %s is an invalid component for distributed store %s CAUSE: This error occurs when user specified a dm_ca_store object as a component while

Address the problem in your environment. CAUSE: An validation check on a referenced storage area showed that the location is not currently accessible by the server. CAUSE: Type conversion failed. PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_STORAGE_E_CA_STORE_CONTENT_NOT_NEW] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: IS Page %d of object %s is not new.

Why was this unhelpful? click to read more Content object cannot be destroyed if the underlying storage does not allow deletion of content. trim() and toUpperCase()) have been changed to instead modify strings in place. * Support for DHCP and DNS has been added to the Ethernet library, thanks to integration by Adrian McEwen. Some functions which previously returned new string instances (e.g.

Operating System error: %s CAUSE: Operating system unable to complete requested operation ACTION: Check the permissions on the specified file. http://fullflash.net/unable-to/unable-to-display-treeview-error-when-parsing-an-xml-document.html PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_STORAGE_E_INVALID_URL] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: S %s is not a valid URL CAUSE: ACTION: PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_STORAGE_E_COPY_FAILED] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: SS Copy of file %s to file %s failed CAUSE: PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_STORAGE_E_REPLICATE_NOACCESS] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: S Cannot replicate to storage area %s as it is not directly accessible by this server. Plugin path :%s CAUSE: ACTION: PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_STORAGE_E_CA_STORE_PLUGIN_ERROR_DURING_WRITE] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: SSI Plugin ID: %s returned error: %s, error code:%d CAUSE: The dm_ca_store store plugin returned an error while performing a

ACTION: Contact EMC Technical support to purchase a CSS or HVS license. Take action based on the error code in your environment. CAUSE: : Getting replica record of content failed. -1 will be returned as computed other file size. http://fullflash.net/unable-to/unable-to-display-document-error-retrieving-page.html PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_STORAGE_F_NO_CONTENT_STORAGE_SERVICE_LICENSE] SEVERITY: FATAL DESCRIPTION: A Content Storage Services license is required to configure a storage object for content hash generation CAUSE: User specified a non-zero value for content_hash_mode attribute

http://code.google.com/p/arduino/issues/detail?id=237 * Re-enabling PWM after tone() ends. Incompatibility with the Attachments Checkout Plugin A popular third-party plugin, the Attachments Checkout Plugin, is currently not compatible with the Office Connector. Thanks @cano64 * AVR: delayMicroseconds(..), added support for 1Mhz, 12Mhz and 24Mhz.

Fire Fox or IE).

ACTION: Call setcontentattrs API with a DATE value for the specified name and then call save API. Thanks @Chris--A * sam: Allow 3rd party boards that depend on SAM core to use their own USB vid/pid and manufacturer/product strings. PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_STORAGE_E_CANT_INITIALIZE_LOCALAREA] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: Unable to initialize localarea for plugin content CAUSE: ACTION: PARAMS: ERROR: [DM_STORAGE_E_CA_STORE_ERROR_DURING_WRITE] SEVERITY: ERROR DESCRIPTION: S Error while attempting to write content to dm_ca_store object CAUSE: The file given in a RESTORE operation had a size which was different than the original size of the document as recorded in the dmr_content object.

Thanks to all contributors and testers: https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/pull/4376 https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/pull/2776 * Editor position is saved when closing with Alt+F4 or clicking on the "X" button. Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Online Tools Aus Registry CAcert IP Address Lookup Jambai FTP Kloth DIG Mail2Web MX Toolbox OZ Speedtest Pingtest ShieldsUP! About Us Contact us Privacy Policy Terms of use Arduino Home Buy Download Products Arduino (USA only) Genuino (outside USA) AtHeart Certified Learning Getting started Tutorials Reference CTC Program Playground Forum navigate here ACTION: : Error is plugin specific, Address problem in your environment.

Thanks @me-no-dev. [libraries] * SPI: Added SPI.transfer16(...) function to SAM core. * Ethernet, WiFi, SoftwareSerial: Fixed flush() behaviour: the flush function is no more dropping the receive buffer, as per 1.0 That should sort the problems out - this is relevant for Leap Documents v6.3.279. An incomplete installation, an incomplete uninstall, improper deletion of applications or hardware. Thanks @NicoHood * Improved variants files for Boards Gemma and Ethernet ARDUINO 1.6.5-r5 - 2015.08.28 [ide] * Fixed a but preventing upload on boards that do not supply VID/PID.