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Results 1 to 9 of 9 Thread: unexpected error (32810) ???!!!! http://www.regular-expressions.info/vb.html[^] http://support.microsoft.com/kb/818802[^] Simon Sign In路ViewThread路Permalink Re: Regular Expression in VB 6.0 kissdznuts12-Nov-08 3:22 kissdznuts12-Nov-08 3:22 And if that isn't enough, download something like Expresso to help you test the expressions. But the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of eliminating the VBCore dependency. In version 5, Visual Basic simply ignored As Any in contexts where it didn't make sense. navigate here

They confirmed the bug, but did not figure out the cause or a fix. I built this new type library, registered it, and once again tried to build the AllAbout project group. In any case, we got to talking about VB6 and how surprised I was that it didn't really have the new features I expected. However, set to None or Project, trying to Make the project with Binary Compatibility to the reference (original) binary component still throughs the 32810 error.

For instance, HTC Desire :: Directing Domain Messages To Hotmail I direct my Domain Messages to my hotmail? How can I make two cutting lines close to each other? It occurred to me that I might be wasting time on VB5 hacks and workarounds if VB6 offered new interface features. There was nothing wrong with the VB5 help system, but there's plenty wrong with the MSDN viewer used in VB6: 窢 It...starts...very...very...slowly....

  1. When I reported this to Microsoft, they noted that this problem only occurs with AutoRedraw set.
  2. I've heard sometime in the last year that there is a tool somewhere which can examine binary compatibilty but I haven't maneged to find anything.
  3. Use a text comparison tool, like WINMerge, and find the differences between the type libraries.
  4. I heard no more from them for another 10 days when I finally sent them mail asking for an update.
  5. They ought to be doing a better job.
  6. When all else fails, rethink the problem.

Disproving Euler proposition by brute force in C Dealing with a nasty recruiter Using DC in transformers? If so, can you remove the reference (e.g., replace FileSystemObject functionality with intrinsic VB file handling functions and/or API calls). When I move that class module to another (new) project it compiles. Sometimes when I switched to the project group, the compiled component would still be referenced instead of the .VBP, or vice versa. 窢 Controls would suddenly disappear from a project with

I see no logical explaination for this, thus far?! After running successfully once, I removed the RichTextBox and everything worked as it did before. 窢 A Make Project Group command for a project containing VBCore would fail with an error If you can't maintain compatibility by keeping the public interface the same, you might as well just stick with old-style system DLLs and struggle to deal with version incompatibilities through the Most hardcore programmers know what As Any means as a parameter in a Declare statement, but the concept doesn't really make sense as the type of a field in user-defined type.

Linux questions C# questions ASP.NET questions fabric questions SQL questions discussionsforums All Message Boards... There is a tool called OLEView. It would be a lot faster to refresh after every 500 dots than to refresh separately for each dot. By this time I was beginning to seriously question whether I really wanted to spend all summer working on a third edition of my book.

See Dictionary. 窢 No topical reference. I don't think anyone else could do better. The problem originates in what VB calls the Procedure Properties dialog, but which my book designates the Dialog Box From Hell (DBFH). The new VB style is to describe the mechanics of a feature without giving the faintest clue of what the feature is for.

This behavior would have been reasonable in Visual Basic 4, but breaking a type library that worked fine in the last two versions didn't seem like a good idea to me, check over here I'm making a program that's suppossed to interface with a 3rd-party application. Those of you familiar with the book know that compiling all the code isn't exactly trivial. I had to call the Refresh method to make the results of the API calls appear on the screen.

Government is another way to say better卼han厃ou. up vote 3 down vote favorite I have to maintain an old VB 6 ActiveX DLL called by another 3rd party program for which I have no sources etc. But I didn't want to do even a minor rewrite. his comment is here My name would move to second.

Help is no help. Perhaps it was a bug fix. But as I worked my way through the list, I was bedeviled by strange errors, nonreproducible bugs, and voodoo spells from unknown enemies.

Read them.

Did you check all boundry conditions and possible inputs?? Help only says to contact MS Tech support and that it may or may not be serious (useful :-/ ). Abdul Aleem NIIT technologies Sign In路ViewThread路Permalink Re: Pattern for only numericals Paul Conrad12-Nov-08 3:40 Paul Conrad12-Nov-08 3:40 kissdznuts wrote:this vb6 code or .Net? On a WindowsNT machine, I can get the app to work.

No reordering or such, just one new interface. Good luck. The differences make it easy to track down the problem. weblink Sign In路ViewThread路Permalink Re: SQL query problem nishkarsh_k11-Nov-08 23:13 nishkarsh_k11-Nov-08 23:13 sunil goyalG wrote:update table1 set name='abcd'efg' try this update table1 set name='abcd\'efg' ' and \ are excape characters so one

U r right that this has no relation with compatability i am able to compile the same project on other development machines with binary compatability turned on. Using the New DLL as reference and then Make(ing) as Binary produces a New DLL w/o the 32810 error. Most times it is a build server version but the build does not work on a developer workstation. How to apply for UK visit visa after four refusal Why is the size of my email so much bigger than the size of its attached files?

It does have an effect. Thanks & Regards, Md. So the milestone and droid run a 550mhz processor, correct me if i am wrong, and that can be overclocked to run faster. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.

Help is no help. | | The code in this project compiles on WNT and has been in | production, running for almost a year - in other words | same The dll and application was done on WindowsNT. If you keep the help application running, subsequent references are fast on either system, but that's a big application to keep in memory all the time if you're not using it. They weren't going to fix this bug no matter what and I had to decide what to do about it.

I used the Global Wizard described in Chapter 5, "The Global Wizard," page 231, to generate standard module versions of VBCore's global classes and private versions of its public classes. In fact, I got more than involved. I use a custom subset that includes VB docs, Win32 API docs, the Knowledge Base, and VB books, but does not include some of the irrelevant junk (VBScript and Dynamic HTML) If it is then it will be of great help for me.

What I do is decompile the referenced library in to IDL and take the last good build of the failing library. I have one dll (Let's say a.dll which is in VC++) and another VB Activex Dll (Let's say b.dll) is using a.dll. U鈥 MS Access Windows OS Visual Basic Classic Using Automation to Control Outlook from Access Video by: TechMommy Get people started with the process of using Access VBA to control Outlook The changes in helpstrings are of no relevance here but what about the new interface.

Garrison Sign In路ViewThread路Permalink Thanks to all got it indian14312-Nov-08 7:50 indian14312-Nov-08 7:50 Hi, Thanks a lot friends. To test this, the code doesn't have to work, it just needs to compile, so you could first just comment out whatever you need rather than actually replacing the functionality of Comprehensive See Also's would help with this problem, but the ones in Visual Basic help are often incomplete.