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Unexpected Error Occured While Creating Ejb Container

Action: See the server log for more details. DPL DPL8001 descriptor failure class="msgaction" 6 Cause: Archivist.setDescriptor() failed Cause: The instance may not be of expected type Action: Ensure that the descriptor type is set as expected Action: Turn log Must be: {1}8JAXWS0095: WSDLPort {1}7 already exists. That's a pretty vague answer, but, would imagine it is solvable by perhaps upgrading your application server, and, ensuring you aren't deploying possibly-stale copies of infrastructure classes related to JNDI with navigate here

When I start Glassfish it logs the following in the log (which tells something about Glassfish and Java version): [#|2011-01-05T16:25:11.077+0100|INFO|sun-appserver2.1|javax.enterprise.system.core|_ThreadID=10;_ThreadName=main;|Starting Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 ((v2.1 Patch06)(9.1_02 Patch12)) (build b31g-fcs) ...|#] Action: This is an Unexpected Internal Error. A null value is not allowedERROR: ISJEE_ADMVAL1050: Cannot change a primary key ERROR: ISJEE_ADMVAL1051: Element with the same attribute value ({0}4 = {0}3) already exists.ERROR: ISJEE_ADMVAL1052: Element {0}2 can not be Regards, Per Steffensen Hide Permalink marina vatkina added a comment - 06/Jan/11 1:39 PM Very strange... check here

code={0}5ERROR: ISJEE_IJINIT1003: Failed to call ijsetsecuritymode. In general, this should not be a problem. Hope you can use that. Action: The error message lists the main classes and client names for the clients in the JAR.

  1. Please contact Sun with the complete error log message.
  2. Check that all needed classes are available to the ejb.
  3. The application will not run properly.
  4. Cause: TBD Solution: TBD LDR5204 Error : Request made to load class or resource [{0}] on an EJBClassLoader instance that has already been shutdown. [{1}] Cause: TBD Solution: TBD LDR5205 Cannot
  5. name={0}4 func={0}3 detail={0}2ERROR: ijna10008: The Interstage Java EE Node Agent service closing event cannot be created.

Please contact support with the complete error log message. loader.naming_exception_in_createcontainer=LDR5013: Naming exception while creating EJB container: loader.cannot_load_policy=LDR5014: Cannot load policy file while loading EJB. func={0}7 detail={0}6ERROR: ijdas10029: Authentication of the service admin user failed.ERROR: ijdas10030: The command has already been executed.INFO: ISJEE_IJINIT0001: ijinit executed successfully.ERROR: ISJEE_IJINIT0002: Failed to get the common Java information. Load them from directory : C:/Sun/SDK/domains/domain1/applications/j2ee-apps/__ejb_container_timer_app instead.|#] [#|2008-06-26T17:15:35.466+0200|SEVERE|sun-appserver9.1|javax.enterprise.system.container.ejb|_ThreadID=15;_ThreadName=httpWorkerThread-4848-1;java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.ejb.containers.TimerMigrationBean649625130_ConcreteImpl;_RequestID=898d02f9-1f05-4f90-a209-b090c3bd15df;|EJB5090: Exception in creating EJB container [java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.ejb.containers.TimerMigrationBean649625130_ConcreteImpl]|#] [#|2008-06-26T17:15:35.466+0200|SEVERE|sun-appserver9.1|javax.enterprise.system.container.ejb|ThreadID=15;_ThreadName=httpWorkerThread-4848-1;_RequestID=898d02f9-1f05-4f90-a209-b090c3bd15df;|appId=_ejb_container_timer_app moduleName=ejb_jar ejbName=TimerMigrationBean|#] [#|2008-06-26T17:15:35.466+0200|SEVERE|sun-appserver9.1|javax.enterprise.system.core.classloading|_ThreadID=15;_ThreadName=httpWorkerThread-4848-1;_RequestID=898d02f9-1f05-4f90-a209-b090c3bd15df;|LDR5004: UnExpected error occured while creating ejb container java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.ejb.containers.TimerMigrationBean649625130_ConcreteImpl at com.sun.enterprise.loader.EJBClassLoader.findClassData(EJBClassLoader.java:737)

detail={0}8APPDEP1032: Process cannot be aborted. Action: Check the Transaction log path in server configuration file (transaction-service.tx-log-dir). Possible cause is that transaction logs are corrupted. You may also need to restart the application server.

ACDEPL113 Error preparing to server JARs referenced by app client; referenced JAR file class="msgentry" 1 contains no manifest; continuing Cause: A JAR file which an app client directory or indirectly refers Please check your XML and make sure that your XML and DTD files exist in the correct location (refer to the user doc.) {0}4ERROR: ISJEE_ACC018: Failed to create client side loggerERROR: KS Shailesh Kini Ranch Hand Posts: 153 posted 9 years ago Keith, Your ejb-jar.xml file is still using EJB 1.1 dtd, as a result your appserver is trying to call Action: Please resolve issues mentioned in the stack trace.

Action: Possibly the logging.properties file contains settings which cause this condition. see this here Thanks! My error, the classpath was wrong. ACDEPL116 The manifest in dependent JAR class="msg" 8 contains no main attributes, such as Class-Path, and so is an invalid JAR.

Another common error is that the message-driven bean implementation class does not correctly implement the required javax.ejb.MessageBean or MessageListener interfaces. http://fullflash.net/unexpected-error/unexpected-error-occured-when-running-the-game-wanderlust.html key='{0}7' value='{0}6'ERROR: ISJEE_IJINIT0401: Used port number. Cause: As described in the message. JTS5018 Cannot register [ class="msgexplan" 2] instance with the ORB.

Action: The domain may have been suspended by another operation. Please delete them and retry or use the cascade option to undeploy: asadmin undeploy --cascade=true {0}2APPDEP1013: Component [{0}1] is not registered.APPDEP1014: Error loading deployment descriptors for module [{0}0] -- {1}9APPDEP1015: Error Please use --passwordfile option or asadmin login command.INFO: ISJEE_CLI301: The cluster does not exist.ERROR: ISJEE_CLI302: The cluster does not exist. his comment is here NAM0005 JMS Connection Factory resource not found: class="msg" 0 Cause: The JMS Connection Factory may not be bound to a JNDI name.

Cause: Resource Adapter threw an exception while recovery in case of connectors. Action: See the server log for more details. Action: This is an Unexpected Internal Error.

Rapidly coming to the conclusion EJB3.0 is a pile of...!

Is the code executed outside or inside the container? –Andrey Adamovich Sep 24 '09 at 20:29 please see my edit –Drake Sep 24 '09 at 20:46 Please ACDEPL111 Client JNLP document class="msgentry" 5 refers to the static resource class="msgentry" 4 that does not exist or is not readable. You # may not use this file except in compliance with the License. Common causes are that the database is not running, the timer table has not been created within that database, or that the connection pool's JDBC driver URL information is incorrect.

So what is the difference ? If not, please file an error with a reproducible test case. EJB5071 Some remote or transactional roll back exception occurred Cause: Some problem occurred during the beforeCompletionphase of the transaction lifecycle. weblink Most probably, there is a class loading issue.

ACC003 No app client in the app client group class="msg" 7 matches the main class name " class="msg" 6" or the app client name " class="msg" 5";\nPlease choose one using -mainclass BKUP0040 (BackupScheduler) Backup configuration validation error for class="msgexplan" 6. The most common cause for this is that the physical resource(e.g. very lightweight low power microcontroller with memory?

Valid ports are: {1}3JAXWS0049: "{1}2" is not a valid service. Action: See the server log for more details. Cause: TBD Solution: TBD LDR5013 Naming exception while creating EJB container: Cause: TBD Solution: TBD LDR5014 Cannot load policy file while loading EJB. Another scenario to verify is, two separate XA pools pointing to the same backend with the same credentials and the second connection is obtained with in the same transaction, without closing

You can try to do the same with deployment & jdo loggers set to FINE Show marina vatkina added a comment - 05/Jan/11 11:24 AM Something is wrong with your generated And I can't reproduce your error in my env. Well, well, well... Action: Check the Home or LocalHome interface for the appropriate create method signature.

Action: The domain may not have been suspended or was resumed manually. Action: Make sure that the Jdbc resource name, you have configured is correct Action: Check whether the persistence manager factory class is proper. JTS5015 Unexpected error occurred when creating portable object adaptors Cause: ORB may not be running. func={0}7 detail={0}6ERROR: ijna10028: An error occurred while setting environment.

Error while loading [ {0}7 ]APPDEP1044: Error in annotation processing: {0}6APPDEP1045: Deployment of application failed - {0}5ERROR: ISJEE_APPDEP2001: class {0}4 referenced from annotation symbol cannot be loadedERROR: ISJEE_APPDEP2002: component referenced from Action: Make sure that the resource usage is from a standard J2EE component or a life cycle component. Action: Check the server log file for more information from Shoal-GMS.