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If there are insufficient file handles and processes, requests may start failing randomly, leading to system downtime. ArcGIS Server has several processes that communicate among themselves. Usually, this is the machine that the service is being published to. The messages in the log can provide additional insight into what caused the issue. weblink

For more information, see Restricting cross-domain requests to ArcGIS Server.I updated my map document then stopped and started my service, but I don't see the updates in my map service.At 10.0 The services you create at 10.1 and later releases will include port 6080 and arcgis as part of the service URL. If you don't find the problem you're looking for, you can also search for articles on the Esri Support Center website.InstallationWhen starting ArcGIS Server, I get a warning stating that my If the data referenced by your GIS resource resides in a Samba directory, you may encounter the following error in ArcGIS for Desktop when publishing:Packaging succeeded, but publishing failed.

These factors are discussed in detail in the section Anticipating cache creation time in the topic Planning a map cache.I recently updated my map and globe caches. Does anything else need to be configured within the Web Server Root: "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ArcGIS" ?Note also that I am using an older version IE 6 (build 6.0.3790.3959).Any tips or suggestions are appreciated!OutcomesVisibility: Click the Extent tab.10.

If you don't plan on reinstalling, you can delete these files.You might notice persisting files located at /arcgis/server/usr that include the following:server directoriesconfig-storelog filesLeaving these folders preserves map This issue occurs due to users using different version of ArcReader and Publisher in ArcMap. Service definition files offer you a way to take a snapshot of your GIS resources and data and publish them to ArcGIS Server as services at a later time. For fonts to be used successfully within a GIS service, the font must either reside on the server or the font must be embedded within the GIS resource.

Granted, that also depends upon how the map is published.• PMF files are corrupted. However, it is a known limitation that service definitions over 2 GB in size cannot be published when running Manager in the Internet Explorer or Firefox web browsers. Are client applications automatically aware that the updated tiles are available?If you update an area of a map or globe cache, users of ArcMap, ArcGlobe, and ArcGIS Explorer who have already http://winbytes.org/help/gis-server/error-code-6118-arcgis-server.html Live User Sites Map Book Gallery Video Library Company Information About Esri Careers Esri Insider Blog Esri International User Conference Services Professional Services Project Services Implementation Services Premium Support Services Partners

ArcGIS Server only supports TrueType fonts and OpenType fonts. To fix this issue, you'll need to reconfigure the Web Adaptor. When will it finish?The amount of time needed to create your map cache depends on the scale levels you have chosen, the amount of server resources you have dedicated to generating If a second machine needs access to the data, it must receive an oplocks break from the Windows machine before the file is synchronized back to the second machine.

  1. How do I troubleshoot the issue?I can't log in to Manager.Which browsers are supported by ArcGIS Server Manager?In version 10, I could retrieve my Bing Maps key from Manager.
  2. Loading 象牛的学习笔记 博客园 新闻 新随笔 联系 管理 订阅 随笔- 128 文章- 0 评论- 19 【转】ARCGIS SERVER 9.3 错误:unknown error code 6118 安装之后,发布地图服务时候出现错误代码,经试验发觉是因为地图文件夹没有共享的原因。操作方法如下:进入文件夹查看属性,取消简单文件夹共享,因为简单文件夹共享是要基于WINDOWS验证的,然后开启地图文件夹的web共享,之后即可发布成功! mxd文档属于地图资源,需要所有的soc机器都能访问到,最简单的把办法就是用相对路径存储数据,把mxd和数据放在同一目录内,然后共享该目录,之后发布就可以找到你这个mxd了。要么就是给所有soc赋予访问该目录的权限。 posted @ 2011-03-12 13:53 象牛 阅读(...)
  3. Create a new folder.
  4. What can I do about this?If you are in a highly secure environment, you should restrict file permissions to the configuration store, and disable the primary site administrator account.
  5. Stopping these services would be detrimental to the performance and functionality of ArcGIS Server.Nonessential services, such as Geometry and PrintingTools are stopped by default.
  6. Why does the setup prevent me from installing ArcGIS Server if the ArcGIS Server installation user has a file handle limit of less than 65,535 and a process limit of less
  7. The location you specify must be accessible by the account that was used to install ArcGIS Server.# ----------------------------------------------------------------------- # Modify this section to change the temp directory # # The default
  8. If you've waited over one minute since a machine was added, removed, or disabled, and the Web Adaptor still doesn't recognize the changes, it could be because you changed the properties
  9. From the Publisher toolbar, select Publish Map.2.
  10. VMware workstation Server无法启动VMware workstation Server无法启动 今天在启动VMware Wowkstation Server 服务时 报“windows 不能在本地计算机VMware workstation Server。有关更多信息,请查阅系统事件日志。如果这是非Microsoft服务,请与服务厂家联系,并查考特定服务错误代码-1”如下图所示:删除datastores.xml文件后在服务中启动 VMware workstation Server 即可,本方法经过测试有效。 关闭 © 2005-2015 360doc.com 帮助留言交流联系我们服务条款下载手机客户端友情链接旧版首页 ArcGIS for Server Documentation Pricing Support My Profile Help

Often, the server hosting your web app is the one installed with ArcGIS Web Adaptor, and the server hosting your services is a GIS server. http://www.cnblogs.com/xiangniu/archive/2011/03/12/1982168.html Skip navigation GeoNet The Esri Community HomeNewsCommunitiesAll ContentArcGIS IdeasCommunity HelpLog in0SearchSearchSearchCancelError: You don't have JavaScript enabled. How do I do this in 10.4.1?The ability to retrieve your Bing Maps key using Manager was removed beginning at 10.1. Which browsers are supported by ArcGIS Server Manager?To have access to the best possible user experience, it is recommended that you use ArcGIS Server Manager in either a Firefox, Chrome, or

I've read the following issues/solutions but have been unable to resolve this problem:http://forums.esri.com/Thread.asp?c=158&f=2394&t=270101&mc=4#msgid832954http://forums.esri.com/Thread.asp?c=158&f=1696&t=288433&mc=4#msgid905094I can successfully log into the ArcGIS Server Manager using a local account: "ArcGISAdmin" which belongs to the "Administrator", http://fullflash.net/unknown-error/unknown-error-code-259.html To determine the hard limits, use the ulimit -Hn -Hu (or limit -h descriptors if you're using csh) command. The recommended way to expose your web services through a different port and site name is to install ArcGIS Web Adaptor.I am concerned about the security implications of the primary site Therefore, the machine's IP address for the machine must be correct for those components to work.

ArcGIS Server will automatically detect a machine name change and reconfigure your site to use the new name. To make these changes, superuser access is required. This failure may result from opportunistic locking, or oplocks, which is a Windows file-locking feature. check over here See Displaying maps in data view and layout view.

If a break is received by the Windows machine during publishing, the subsequent data synchronization may cause publishing to fail.To work around this issue, you'll need to disable oplocks for each Any GIS resource can be analyzed and encapsulated as a service definition file in ArcGIS for Desktop. The link for downloading different ArcReader releases can be found here.

These are left for your convenience if you reinstall or upgrade the product.

If you are the administrator, provide the user name and password that you specified when creating the site. Keep in mind that this only applies to local help resources, not content hosted on the web by Esri.I see an Invalid database connection or The data item is inaccessible error You must provide the proper case to log in to Manager. To do this, follow the steps below: 1.

The SD is then automatically uploaded to the server and deployed as a service.I upgraded to ArcGIS 10.4.1 for Server and now my service URL and instance name are different than I encounter an error in ArcGIS for Desktop when attempting to publish a GIS resource that references data in a Samba directory. PowerShell应用之-事务复制msnba PowerShell应用之-事务复制。在之前的几篇描述了PowerShell在SQL Server对SMO(SQL Server Management Objects)的管理,现在开始描述在SQL Server Replication中如何使用PowerShell脚本实现同步复制功能。准备一个域账号,专门应用于同步复制使用 创建快照文件夹,设成共享,并设置该域账户具有修改快照文件夹的权限。如上图,设置域账户“TN\SQLAccount”具有快照文件夹ReplicationSnapshot的更改权限。 LR中错误代号为27796的一个解决方法白雪~~~ 在注册表HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters里,有如下两个键值:TcpTimedWaitDelayMaxUserPort1,这里的TcpTimedWaitDelay默认值应该中是30s,所以这里,把这个值调小为5s(按需要调整)。TcpTimedWaitDelay 值決定了 TCP/IP 必須經過多久,才能釋出已關閉的連線及重複使用它的資源。MaxUserPortMaxUserPort 值決定了當應用程式向系統要求可用的使用者埠時,TCP/IP 所能指派的最高埠號。 Sketchup与Sketchup ESRI plugin秋寒月 Sketchup与Sketchup ESRI plugin.1、高版本就是兼容低版本(这个嘛大家都知道)对于SU的arcgis插件,目前我只发现su6for ESRI,有关资料显示该版本插件适应于ArcGIS9.2,事实上,同样适应于ArcGIS9.3.2、大家都知道这个插件分两步,一个是从Arcgis导入数据到su,另一个是从su导出esri multipatch(该数据类型不作具体介绍); ubuntu错误解决E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpk...joy_chen //执行完上一步操作后会在新的info文件夹下生成一些文件,现将这些文件全部移到info.bak文件夹下sudo rm -rf /var/lib/dpkg/info http://fullflash.net/unknown-error/unknown-error-code-150.html New Configurations Supported The ArcGIS Engine Java Developer Kit version 6 will include support configurations for SUSE Linux 10, 64-bit Red Hat Linux (must use 32-bit Java Virtual Machine [JVM]), and

ArcGIS地图文档MXD效率慢的一点建议水真香 关于地图文档MXD地图文档其实是一个很好的对象,这个对象可以将我们配置好的地图包括(图层、符号、标注、比例尺、显示范围等)信息进行保存,然后我们使用MXD对上面的要求进行统一的管理,而且在我们发布地图服务时也需要使用该对象(虽然有MSD)。MXD Doctor 主要用于从已损坏的 .mxd 文件中提取有效实体。但是,此工具也可以通过将一个 .mxd 文件中的内容复制到另一个 .mxd 文件的方式,对有效的 .mxd 文件中的实体进行检索。 ArcGIS中ArcTooxbox 的新增工具tbx与大家分享...水真香 del mxd if count ==0: outFile.write("\n") outFile.write("\n") outFile.write("---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- \n") outFile.write(" NO MXD FILES FOUND \n") outFile.write("---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- \n") Use the folder created in Step 2.7. This restriction can be changed by an administrator. See Change geoprocessing service and service extension publishing privileges for details.

The actual number of file handles and processes needed varies based on the data and the number of instances (threads/processes) running. Additionally, if the GIS server machine is part of a domain and you have disconnected the computer from the domain, you must specify a local account as the ArcGIS Server account. ArcGIS Server设置数据源,internet方式连接服务器错误解决方法。数据源Local方式连接一切正常,但是Internent方式连接不上,报出这个错误。2. 没有把现在登陆计算机所使用的账号注册进Server服务器。开始>arcgis>arcgisserver>arcgis server for Microsoft .net framework >web applications post install 把ArcGISWebServices用户注册一下。 如何批量设置MXD的数据源水真香 MXD文件是ArcGIS用户经常使用的文件形式,但是大家最郁闷的事情就是当我们打开MXD文件时,ArcMap的TOC框出现一些讨厌的“感叹号”,这就意味这数据源没有找到,如果我们的MXD文件包含的图层比较少的时候,用户可以在ArcMap上一个图层一个图层的右键设置数据源,如果MXD文件包括几十个,手动设置就显的太让人不能忍受了,其实ArcGIS也考虑到这个方面,我们有批量设置数据源的功能。 ArcGIS_Tracking Server HelpLibraryPKU ArcGIS_Tracking Server Help. 当站点使用非80端口时,如何配置ArcGIS Serv...documentsli... 当站点使用非80端口时,如何配置ArcGIS Server.如下步骤与过程需要ArcGIS Server 9.2 Service Pack 3。在IIS中,如果站点所用端口非80端口,需要对ArcGIS Server做如下调整,保证ArcGIS For more information, see About connecting to ArcGIS Server in ArcGIS for Desktop.Can I safely rename a GIS server machine in my ArcGIS Server site?Yes.

ArcGIS Server 9分布式部署。 ERROR: Unknown command 'crunch'univasity ERROR: Unknown command ''crunch''编译工程出现了下面的错误提示 android ERROR:Unknown option ''--no-crunch''.然后又提示错误:就是打开SDK manager,对tools文件夹下的两个插件进行更新,之后重启就可以解决问题了。 分享一个能查询你当然局域网内临近设备信息的...oice 分享一个能查询你当然局域网内临近设备信息的nmap命令。Starting nmap 3.70 ( http://www.insecure.org/nmap/ ) at 2009-06-30 11:00 CSTHost seems to be After you use your operating system's tools to rename the machine, you may see the following message in the server logs:ArcGIS Server has detected that the server machine [old machine name] For full instructions, see Enable HTTPS on ArcGIS Server.If you've configured ArcGIS Web Adaptor to use your previous machine name, you'll need to configure it with a new URL that uses Are there any other permissions that need to be modified?

To view the log, browse to the logs directory and open the log in a text editor.I can't log in to Manager.To log in to Manager, you must provide a user The new folder is used to house both the PMF file and the data package. Those outside of the group are not allowed to create and modify data files.Setting umask to 007 completely excludes users who are not group members of the account running ArcGIS Sever.You'll However, anyone on the system can read the data.Setting umask to 002 is a good option when the account running ArcGIS Server shares data with other users in the same group.

If your web app references a service from a remote server (a different server from the one where your web app is hosted), the server hosting your web app needs to For example, the default URL to an ArcGIS Server site is http://gisserver.domain.com:6080/arcgis. Why can't I delete some of them?I added a service to a web app, but the service seems to be unavailable.I updated my map document then stopped and started my service, Send Feedback Privacy Contact Support USA +1-888-377-4575 Name Email URL Please rate your online support experience with Esri's Support website.* Poor Below Satisified Satisfied Above Satisfied Excellent What issues are you

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Usually, this is the machine that is being used to publish the service. You may find similar looking files in the configuration store, but these files are not intended to be manually edited, and you may severely disrupt your server's stability if you choose I encounter an error in ArcGIS for Desktop when attempting to publish a GIS resource that references data in a Samba directory.What OGC-compliant services can I publish with ArcGIS Server?I'm having